The 5 Best (Free) Tools That Simplify Content Curation

For a lot of digital marketers, content curation is becoming almost as important as content creation. Curating valuable content is a great way to educate your email subscribers, engage your social media followers, and keep up with the latest marketing trends. It can also help position you as a thought leader in your field.


So how do you get started? No need to dig through the SERPs in search of the latest and greatest blog posts, or pay for an expensive service.There are numerous free tools that will do the heavy lifting for you. Here are a few of my personal favorite tools that make discovering and curating great content simple:


1: Nuzzel


I love reading the content my followers are sharing on Twitter, but it can be hard to keep up. Nuzzel uses the accounts you follow on Twitter and Facebook to build a constantly updating list of the content your friends are sharing the most.


Want to discover even more content? Nuzzel lets you check out out your friend’s feeds to see what the accounts they follow are sharing.


2: Pocket


If you use Pocket primarily to save things to read later, it is time to start embracing the ‘Recommended’ and ‘Explore’ features. If you go to the home page on your Pocket account, Click over to the ‘Recommended’ tab to see blog posts picked based on your interests and what is trending across all of Pocket. It is an easy way to not only discover content you might like, but also see what people are reading around the internet.


The ‘Explore’ tab lets you see even more popular articles on the subject of your choice. Type in a keyword to see the top performing articles on that topic.


3: Quuu


When it comes to content curation, it doesn’t get any easier than Quuu. Simply sign up with your Buffer or HubSpot account, select your interests, and let it do the rest. Quuu hand reviews content pieces for quality and automatically puts them into your social media queue (hence the name “Quuu”, get it?). For a totally hands off experience set Quuu to auto and let it do the work for you, or set it manual and approve each post before it goes live.


4: Flipboard


Flipboard makes discovering and reading content easy and enjoyable. Select your favorite topics and Flipboard gathers quality content from trusted sources, then presents them in a beautiful and easy to read magazine format. I especially love flipping through the digital magazines on my phone and tablet with it’s straightforward and well designed app.You can even save content and create your own magazines you can go back and read later or share with friends.


5: Google Alerts


Get the latest news on any topic sent directly to your inbox with Google Alerts. Simply set up alerts for any keywords you’d like to follow and get an email whenever a new blog post, news article, video, or other piece of content with that keyword is published. No more waiting for a blog post to start trending or for one of your Twitter followers to share it before you see it. Google Alerts let you get out in front of the pack.


Stop Waiting, Start Curating

Curating great content doesn’t have to be a headache. There are hundreds of great content pieces ready for you to discover and share with your audience. All it takes is a good tool and a few clicks!


Do you have a favorite free content curation tool? Let me know in the comments!

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