Announcing Our New Video Series: Ask a Digital Marketer

Jun 15th 2017

Announcing Our New Video Series: Ask a Digital Marketer

As a digital marketing agency, we have the benefit of having an office full of experienced marketers with varied specialties and interests. If someone who works in PPC has an SEO question, there is always someone there to help and share an opinion. If a content marketer is curious about social ads, there is someone to talk to.

This variety of skills and experience leads to some fascinating conversations around the office, and helps us answer client questions from different viewpoints. This got us thinking: What if we took two people from different areas of marketing and had them answer digital marketing questions on camera?

What started as an idea has become a reality and we are excited today to announce the beginning of our new video series “Ask a Digital Marketer”. Every month we will have a new video with two people from the Iterate office answering your pressing digital marketing questions.

We are excited to share our expertise and hopefully spark interesting conversations about different digital marketing tactics and ideas. Use #AskaDigitalMarketer to join the conversation online!

So, now we want to ask for something from you. If you have a question that you’d like one of our marketers to answer on video, send us your question at!

Our first video is up now on the blog. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you never miss a video from us, and sign up for our email list to be notified of new video releases before anyone else.

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