Amazon’s SEO Secrets

Why They’re Everywhere & How To Beat Them Anyone who has ever tried to market an eCommerce store knows the feeling: You take a survey of the competition and inevitably you run into a few big companies. If you’re in consumer goods maybe you’ll bump into Overstock, in construction: Home Depot, in industrial: Grainger. But […]

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Before You Sit Down To Blog

5 Things To Do Before You Write A Single Word   Everyone knows that they should start a blog. Whether your business is big or small, or you just have a website that needs more visability, publishing great content on a regular business will help bring more visitors to your site and expand your sales […]

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Working On Your PPC Fitness

How to bulk and cut your PPC Account Every year, fitness magazines tell people to get their beach bodies ready, to dust off those gym clothes and start a seasonal diet. Every true exercise enthusiast knows this is a waste of time, as maintaining a proper level of fitness to reach their desired goals cannot […]

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Dominos and DKI

A Dynamic Keyword Insertion Pizza Party   Near the end of May, Reddit user Jan0606 posted an ad that they found while trying to order pizza. Strangely enough, a Pizza Hut ad with the keyword “Order Dominos Online” showed up as the second ad result.   At first glance, this looks like Pizza Hut created an […]

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Tactics and Tools for Proofing Blog Posts

From ideation through publishing, you probably value writing and design over everything else. It’s the thinking and the presentation. It’s the real meat of the work. Everything else is just process. But if you’re producing high quality content, the grunt work of editing and proofreading are keys to preventing embarrassing editorial errors. So how do […]

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What is Yahoo Gemini?

Is Yahoo Gemini The Next Advertising Platform For Your Business?   Good marketers are always on the lookout for new platforms and opportunities to reach a wider audience – and this adage is doubly true for digital marketers.   In terms of digital advertising, Adwords is a universal constant, Bing is a second thought and […]

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