Turn Your Marketing Personas Into Advertising Targets

Nov 14th 2016

Turn Your Marketing Personas Into Advertising Targets

As a modern marketer, it’s likely that you’ve put some thought into marketing personas.You have identified your target markets and personified your prospective buyers. Maybe you’ve even created fancy graphics like this:


“(Marketing) personas help you understand your customers (and prospective customers) better. This makes it easier for you to tailor your content, messaging, product development, and services to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of different groups. In other words, you may know your target buyers are caregivers, but do you know what their specific needs and interests are? What is the typical background of your ideal buyer? In order to get a full understanding of what makes your best customers tick, it’s critical to develop detailed personas for your business.”

Pamela Vaughan, Hubspot

These personas allow you to think about your target customers in a new light – not just as clicks on a landing page or conversion numbers, but as living, breathing people in 3-dimensionions. People with interests and worries completely outside of your sales funnel, with hobbies, families and dreams.

How A 3D Perspective On Your Clients Will Change Your Marketing

  • You will internalize how your product fits into their life
  • You will see marketing opportunities outside of your normal sales pitches
  • You will tailor your messages to specific people
  • You will use there personas to score new leads, and can add personas to match new markets.

Your personas will help you capture these aspects of your customers, and you can take this initial brainstorm information and back it up with deep research from a wide array of sources:

  • Data on your current clients and prospects:
    • Responsibilities
    • Goals
    • Challenges
  • Surveys targeting your market:
    • Needs
    • Career Path
    • Shopping Preferences
  • Demographic and Psychographic research:
    • Job Titles
    • Income Levels
    • Company Data
    • Family Status
    • Education

Learn more about building data-driven marketing personas here.

This research is invaluable – and not just because it helps you tailor your website content to your prospective clients, score your inbound leads, and tailor your sales pitches.

Buyer Persona data is an untapped gold mine for many marketers, who fail to realize that it can be the foundation to truly amazing Social Advertising campaigns.

With strong marketing personas at your disposal, you will have everything you need to guide your social advertising decisions, including where to advertise, who to target, what ad copy and images to use, even your budget!

From start to finish, a well-researched Buyer persona can be your guide to creating high impact Social Media Ads that will drive real-world results. Want to learn more?

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