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Nowadays, slot machines are an opportunity to have a good time, including with your wallet. All players want above all the most important thing - to win, and thus to win. Everyone has their favourite genres and favourite themes of slot machines. Today we are transported to a mysterious virtual world and we present you a review of the Asgard fastest payout online casino nz slot machine. By the way, it is already available for free Slottica Casino Online . Plot and other features The plot of this slot is based on Scandinavian mythology. The word "Asgard" itself is translated as the paradise city, the seat of the gods Ases. In the system of their life there are Ases - carriers of order and Vans - carriers of nature. The elders of these two communities exchange their representatives (they actually turned out to be hostages) and then lead a peaceful life with each other. But as in any legend the struggle between good and evil goes on in an endless circle. Something similar can be found in Wild Toro . When it comes to the slot machine, all the graphics are dedicated to the aforementioned legend. The action takes place in the celestial city of Asgard, where there is a bridge. It was built from a fortress in the sky to the land where people live. According to the legend, the main god Odin ruled in heaven, lived among other gods, but they did not possess immortality, but lived for themselves, loved and died, just like people on earth. The creators of Pragmatic Play presented this novelty as the Asgard slot machine in May 2018 , winning many hearts. Its design is amazing! The characters transport you into the world of 3D graphics from the first seconds. This game also has an auto mode feature and many different bonuses. The type of this slot is video slot machine, the main theme is Vikings, it has 25 lines and 5 reels, the minimum bet is 1, the maximum bet is 10, there is a Skatter symbol and there is a demo version. There is no progressive jackpot, there is autoplay, the volatility of the slot is average. How to play the Asgard slot machine So consider, point by point, how to play the Asgard slot machine for free and what moments you may encounter during. At the very beginning of using the slot machine, place a bet (from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10; from 25 cents to $125). To do this, press the Stake button. you need to configure two parameters - this is the value of coins and the number of coins per line in a special window you will see the amount of your bet you can't choose the line to play, the player drives along all ten lines (on five reels) there is a function of playing without recharging - you can play for free! you will get 250 additional credits (if you win, the amount will increase accordingly, and this prolongs your game!) You can check your account balance and winnings in the window on the credits display and Winning machine is started for the next game by pressing Spin button, this button can be easily recognized, because it is the biggest on the control panel. Nearby there is an option to switch to autoplay. autoplay is convenient as the reels will keep spinning until you have a winning game you can disable autoplay with the Off key You can play this slot machine both at land-based casinos and from a desktop computer or mobile phone. Versions of this slot machine include downloading to your computer/phone or playing online. No need to register or download the game, this video slot machine is perfectly playable on modern gadgets. Features of the slot The symbols of the game are also in line with Scandinavian mythology. The heroes of legend, the four gods Odin, Thor, Loki and Freya are depicted on the reels of the slot machine. Their images represent higher value and perform specific functions. There are also instant withdrawal casino lower priced slots - their name resembles cards from 10 to A. This slot is capable of giving winnings in excess of 150,000 coins. The wild symbol stands for the fortress of Asgard, and Skatter is the silver helmet - it triggers free spins. The distinctive features of each slot are its characters. Let's take a closer look at what they mean Asgard slot EXTRA WILD Thor has the ability to turn the pictures (10, J, Q, K and A) into substitutes, which are located all over the field. STACKED WILD is an Odin feature that can add entire columns of wilds to the slot screen. Its names can range from 1 to 5 THE MYSTERIOUS SYMBOL here the god of cunning Lokie conjures, he can turn stacks into regular pictures, ensuring the picture comes together in a line and brings victory RANDOM WILD Goddess Frain provides even more excitement by inserting pink single special effects into the reels of the slot machine Bonuses on the Asgard slot machine The number of wilds can increase Freya. Spends 75, 300 or 1000 coins Creating prize multipliers is for Lokhi, he can increase your profit by 75, 200 or 500 coins Characters on cards go wild thanks to Thor's abilities. Spends 75, 200 or 500 coins Enlarged wild characters moz


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