An effective content strategy is more than just good design and writing. We start with strategy in mind, produce content, promote it tirelessly, and report back to you with our results. Whether you are looking to bring in new leads, close sales better, or keep your customers loyal, we will create a content strategy that works for you and work hard to ensure it succeeds.

Content Strategy

An in-depth technical analysis gives us actionable steps for cleaning up the technical issues that plague websites. We work closely with your marketing team, IT department and web developers to find and fix these issues on a custom basis. By regularly crawling your website, analyzing analytics data, and peering into Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools, we stay on top of how both users and search engines view your website.

Content Creation

After fixing any major technical SEO issues, we address the quality of your content and keyword targeting. We combine analytics user data with our Customer Insight data to judge page and content performance. We compare your website to your top competitors’ content to find opportunities for improving your user experience, crawlability, and conversion rates. This custom work lays the foundation of our content strategy and content marketing plans.

Content promotion

Too many companies create great content that never gets seen. We promote content through outreach, distribution and placement. Our content is promoted on social networks, blogs, email newsletters, press releases, content-sharing sites, and the paid platforms your customers frequent. Taking “owned media” content from your site and transforming it into “earned media” on third-party platforms is the first step towards high-powered promotion in the digital sphere.

Content Measurement

With every piece of content that we create, we ask the key questions that matter to your business. Is it driving leads? Is it driving sales? Is it saving money? Is it encouraging retention?