As much as we would like it, not everyone who visits your website buys on the spot. On the bright side, we know anyone who’s been to your website is at least interested in something you offer. Through retargeting, we can specifically target users who have been to your site in the recent past and place ads that speak directly to them.

98% of visitors do not convert on their first visit. Not every click produces a prospect, not every prospect becomes a lead and not every lead becomes a sale.

Remarketing, or retargeting, is a powerful tool for staying in front of visitors who engaged with your website, but did not complete your desired action. It’s an accessible and scalable conversion optimization tool that generates 300-400% conversion rate boosts for strategic marketers.

How It Works

A small Javascript tag on your website (like your analytics code snippet) allows you to “cookie” users who visit your pages. These anonymous cookies allow you to retarget previous visitors as they surf the web. With Google AdWords Remarketing and a host of other 3rd party retargeting providers, we target ads almost anywhere on the web, including blogs, social networks (i.e. Facebook), industry publications, and more.

How We Retarget

We segment your website visitors by their stage in the buying process. We tailor ads specifically to those segments and using a variety of image, text, and videos ads. We place those ads on a number of advertising channels and websites to find your customers where they are. We control when your ads show, the frequency with which they’re shown to users, the length of time we target them for, and our offer and messaging over that period. Context matters, and showing the right ads, to the right people, at the right time drives huge conversion rates for methodical advertisers.

We’re constantly on the hunt for new channels, networks and targeting recipes. Contact us to learn more about the latest retargeting recipes we’re cooking up.