Advanced Building Supplies


+ Search Engine Optimization
+ Link Penalty Recovery


Doubled Organic Traffic through Link Disavowals After Manual Penalty



Advanced Building Supplies, Inc is a premium hardwood retailer in the Southeast U.S. and Caribbean markets. Historically, repeat customers and word-of-mouth marketing supported much of the business. As competition increased in the space, digital marketing became the most important avenue for the stability and growth of the business.

Executive Summary


Within 9 months, Iterate helped Advanced Building Supplies be redeemed from a manual penalty, and return to profitability through link disavowal, onsite content creation and link building.

Problem and Challenges


The company’s previous high-risk SEO link building practices had created an “over-optimized,” low quality backlink profile leading to a manual penalty from Google and a catastrophic decrease in Organic traffic over the course of 90 days.

Most of the existing content on the website was drastically over-optimized in some areas, and thin and lacking in others. Keyword-stuffed product pages earned an average “F” grade from Moz’s Content Grader tool.



Iterate’s first priority was the disavowal of all low quality backlinks that could have contributed to the Google penalty. Iterate began with a thorough backlink audit to identify any paid or low quality links and presented the client with a risk/benefit assessment for disavowing thousands of links. Approximately 30% of these links were removed in the first stage of disavowal after manually reaching out to websites and requesting their links be removed. The remainder of the links were disavowed through Google’s Disavowal tool. The manual penalty was removed within a month of the start of our work.

After removal of the manual penalty, Iterate shifted the focus to improving on-site content. Due to contract limitations (all on-site changes implemented through a rather tedious process by the Advanced Building Supplies), Iterate has created a large library of industry-best niche-specific content. Ongoing content is presented to the client on a monthly basis for implementation.


Benefits Gained


As a result of Iterate’s ongoing work, Advanced Building Supplies, Inc has seen a dramatic increase in Organic search traffic, leading to a profitable season through the pivotal summer months, and a number of high-value orders from new contractors likely to drive repeat business.