Camera Source


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150% increase in CTR, 26% lower CPCs, 436% increase in monthly conversions, 55% decrease in cost/ conversion (cut it in half ), we tripled their conversion rate, nearly doubled their ROAS from 165% to 350%.


Camera Source is a one stop shop for backup cameras, navigation kits, and many other automobile accessories. After buying a backup camera on eBay and being extremely disappointed in its poor quality, Camera Source’s owner Chris Triplett decided that he could make a better camera. And he did. Now, he sells top-of-the-line cameras that can be used for commercial, agricultural, and consumer applications.


Executive Summary

Beginning Content Marketing efforts in early 2015, Iterate helped Camera Source grow search engine traffic by 28%, referral traffic by 13%, and social media traffic by 456%.

Iterate helped Camera Source reach these numbers through one year of blogging, content promotion, industry and influencer social outreach, and guest posts on authority websites. Finding both a plethora of long-tail keyword opportunities on search engines, and an engaged fan base through social media were two major keys to Camera Source’s success.


Problem and Challenges

With a focus on backup cameras, a growing niche market, Camera Source felt squeezed by large online retailers, including auto accessory websites and the Amazon’s of the world. To grow, Chris felt they had to prove themselves as an expert authority in the niche.


In an industry where many end-users view automotive cameras and navigation kits as “commodity products,” Iterate was tasked with growing website traffic and market share.



Iterate launched a series of blog posts through the use of thought leadership and awareness-generating content.

Iterate first explored the auto industry, writing a combination of evergreen backup camera-specific blog posts and guides as well as influencer-targeted blog posts to generate site awareness, traffic, and relationships with influencers.

In 2016, after research and consultation with the client on the opportunity in the RV space, Iterate shifted strategy to tackling a similar strategy in the RV industry. Iterate didn’t miss a beat in continuing to drive significant traffic and revenue from RV products, while initiating a larger number of influencer relationships in the space.