Cooler Guys


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Iterate Marketing helped improve AdWords account structure for Cooler Guys, increasing their Return on Investment (ROI), integrating tracking, and lowering Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Background (Cool PC, Inc) is a Washington based e-commerce company founded in 1999 that specializes in the design and manufacture of PC and home theater cooling solutions.


Goal had been struggling with a low ROI (Return on Investment) due to an account structure that didn’t consider the nature of their company and the best way to organize campaigns for their business model. A lack of conversion tracking made it impossible for them to gauge their performance over time and obtain useful feedback on their campaigns. Their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) was steadily increasing, but their number of conversions remained very low.

Iterate was asked to come up with a comprehensive solution that would drive the appropriate traffic to their site while maintaining or reducing their CPA to stay within range of their ideal AdWords budget.


Over the course of just six months, Iterate was able to consistently and significantly increase the company’s amount of conversions while helping them maintain a CPA that was equal to or lower than their initial cost, which contributed to a notable increase in the company’s ROI. To achieve these results, we implemented tracking for them in order to gather information on useful metrics such as fluctuations in their budget and conversion rates to determine the best course of action for their account. We also restructured their online store and sorted their products individually as well as by type and category so that we could implement Google Shopping campaigns for them, which proved to be extremely useful in directing the appropriate traffic to their site to yield a higher number of conversions for a CPA value that was less than or equal to their initial amount. Our data shows that under our management, their CPA has maintained a consistent downward trend, while their number of conversions continues to trend upwards at an ideal rate.