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Iterate increased conversions 115% while decreasing cost per conversion by 32%, resulting in all-time highs for performance.


innoPoll administers consumer surveys throughout the US for market research. A key driver of new survey takers is Google AdWords, and after going well over their target cost-per-acquisition and not garnering the right kinds of users for new surveys, innoPoll turned to Iterate to drastically reduce CPA while maintaining a high volume of monthly leads.


Dramatic changes in client needs in August 2015 led to a large performance drop for Bovitz that needed to be addressed. The Iterate team implemented a strategy to increase conversion volume, lower CPA, and optimize new location targets and all corresponding ad copy



By November 2015, with a combination of Search, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) and Gmail Ads, Iterate was able to increase Bovitz’s conversions by 115% and decrease overall cost-per-acquisition by 32%, well under their CPA goal of $1.50.


Flexibility and optimization overhauls were innoPoll’s biggest challenges. A major challenge for innoPoll was to capture the right people, at the right time, within their target demographics. This required extremely tailored ad copy and maximizing Adwords’ geographic and interest targeting settings, something not always available in Adwords.

Iterate implemented a multi-faceted strategy to address the ever-changing needs and challenges of innoPolll. The first strategy was to perform extensive A/B testing on all ads in the account. While giving us power to customize ads for location and optimize all ad content for engagement, this also provided constantly updated means of keeping the account fresh.

Iterate was able to split out cities into their own campaigns, which allowed Iterate plenty of volume at a low CPA. Then, Iterate built out a campaign focused on Google’s newest targeting option, Gmail Ads, and optimized them for our CPA goals. Iterate also ran very successful RLSA campaigns that accounted for a majority of our leads.

Although Iterate had met and exceeded client expectations in the past, the challenge of restructuring the account away from a significant amount of volume from some US states was a significant one. From peak performance loss to post-initiative results over a 3 month span, however, Iterate was able to increase CTR by 160%, lower CPC by 48%, double conversions, and cut CPA by 32%.

Not only are these benefits significant, but our client now has the processes in place to have effective control and unparalleled customizability to how they reach out to people across the Google Search Network.