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50% Increase in Traffic, 47% Increase in Revenue


OVIS is a family-owned West Virginia-based business that has served the woodworking industry since 1989. OVIS was one of the first players in the industry to realize the power of the internet. OVIS’ expertise coupled with their early appreciation for the web quickly led them to become dominant in the online cabinetry space.


Executive Summary

Over a 20 month period Iterate repositioned OVIS’ brand in the market towards higher value customers as significantly increased competition challenged their traditional areas of dominance. Iterate grew website traffic, page views on key content, and foundational keyword rankings. OVIS Online’s mature business saw a 50% increase in traffic, 30% increase in sales and a nearly 47% increase in revenue from search engine and referral traffic.

Through a close partnership, Iterate & OVIS out-maneuvered longtime competitors, cementing the website as a major player in the B2B and B2C cabinetry market for US manufacturers. OVIS’ increased search engine standing allowed them to better target industrial buyers, driving up phone orders, average order values, and repeat business. Iterate also created a beneficial spill-over into the contractor and hobbyist market and away from dwindling sales to individual homeowners.


Problem and Challenges

In recent years, larger players like Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot moved further into OVIS’ core market while dropshippers and foreign competition eroded pricing. OVIS worried less about their “traditional” direct competitors and copycats, and more about well funded entrants selling similar products, often at lower price points. OVIS faced a bleak transition from near market dominance to being squeezed out.


Benefits Gained

As a result of our work, the OVIS was able to defend its positions from massive competitors in a few key niches, particularly in industrial and large-scale manufacturing markets. OVIS Online improved in the following areas:


  • Revenue Growth: Revenue grew significantly, and order value also increased by 11% over the period.
  • Ranking Growth: Iterate’s key objective was to retain the rankings of keywords in core revenue-driving areas, but OVIS also increased its presence in related business areas.



  • Dealing with Seasonality: Iterate significantly increased online traffic, even during traditionally slower periods of the year by repositioning towards a market less driven by seasonal products.