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Increase total revenue by growing ROAS & fighting seasonal dips.


StageSpot is an e-commerce company founded in 2000 that specializes in theatre and stage lighting as well as other stage supplies and equipment. They carry all major brands and stock a variety of hard-to-find parts and are willing to order any that they do not have if a customer requests it.


StageSpot was having some trouble with their previous marketing agency as they failed to optimize and maintain consistency with regards to revenue and appropriate amounts of return on their AdWords expenditures. A failure to pause keywords that didn’t result in sales transactions and a lack of expand campaigns with new targeting, resulted in a stagnant account that declined throughout the first half of the year. Iterate was tasked with providing case-specific solutions for the company that would increase and maintain their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and subsequently, their total amount of revenue generated.


Iterate Marketing launched StageSpot’s official campaigns in July 2014. While their ROI (Return on Investment) was at an average level to start, it steadily increased as we learned the inner workings of the account and optimized it on an ongoing basis. We introduced new keywords and campaign types to accommodate for seasonality and new inventory and paused keywords that weren’t resulting in conversions or transactions. The inclusion of an extensive Remarketing strategy in late August brought about a large spike in overall revenue and led to a linear increase in profitability while also increasing the lifetime customer value of their clientele.

Based on 2013- 2014 data and observed seasonal trends of certain products, we predict that these numbers will remain consistent and continue to increase during Q1 of 2015. The introduction of a Bing Ads campaign in March would give the company an additional 30% market share in search and result in a significant increase in overall revenue while maintaining a high level of profitability. Additionally, the placement of more of the company’s products into a Google Shopping campaign will increase and maintain profitability throughout the year.