Trashcans Unlimited


+ Search Engine Optimization
+ Backlink Penalty Recovery


Complete recovery from a Panda 4.0 penalty, and an average 16% revenue growth every month for 6 months through better keyword targeting.


Trashcans Unlimited has been providing trash receptacles and decorative trash containers for homes, offices, venues, and other government organizations since 2006. Trashcans Unlimited has always focused its efforts on providing the largest selection of trash cans at the lowest prices. While it sells to everyone from homeowners to city governments, the majority of Trashcans Unlimited’s revenue came from bulk orders from government and industry. They expressed an interest in moving away from small orders from homeowners and focusing on bulk orders instead.

Executive Summary was penalized by a Google Panda 4.0 algorithm update at the end of September 2015 that resulted in a significant drop-off in rankings and organic impressions. Iterate Marketing was tasked with helping to remediate the drop off in organic impressions and rankings. Iterate Marketing proceeded to renew the sites rankings in key business areas and expand into targeting more profitable search engine users.

Trashcans Unlimited got into trouble for gaming Google’s system, but their drop-off was also propelled by the fact that they were targeting head terms like “trash cans” that large brands were seeking to dominate. Iterate responded to their recovery and growth challenges by fixing all the associated technical issues, and reorienting the sites towards user searches that were more likely to purchase and at higher values


Problem and Challenges

Trashcans Unlimited faced a massive drop-off in site impressions and rankings seemingly overnight. The company’s owner was distressed at this development, even though traffic and revenue had not fallen nearly as far, given the length of the typical purchasing cycle a fall off in impressions was not ideal.


Benefits Gained

As a result of our work, Trashcans Unlimited was able to regain their rankings and the bulk of their organic impressions in just four months. In the 6 months following our work we were able to orient their site towards higher value terms which resulted in better revenue and more valuable rankings overall.

  • Indexed in Google after a few weeks
  • An average 16% revenue growth every month for the next 6 months.
  • Went from 237 keywords in the top 10 in September 2014 to 137 in October 2014. We continually grew these numbers for 6 months straight until there were 253 keywords in the top 10 in April 2015.